DizyPro ERP

The Information Technology industry is renowned for its adoption of acronyms, which are often widely used, but not fully understood. The term 'ERP' itself is not self-explanatory and refers to the business software that has been designed to record and manage your enterprise data. An ERP System automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations, and keeping inventory records and financial data. ERP systems can drive huge improvements in the effectiveness of any organization by.

DizyPro CRM

DizyPro CRM software is used to organize, automate and synchronies sales, marketing and customer service. It has developed to include all areas of the customer experience, keeping the customer happy and in turn keeping them loyal and more valuable to your business. It is the process of identifying potential leads/prospects, nurturing them and guiding them through the sales process to close the business. Once they are a customer it is ensuring that you maintain that relationship and encourage repeat business - either more frequent orders or higher value.

DizyPro HRMS

DizyPro HR & Payroll designed to accommodate basic payroll requirements while remaining simple to use. Most of the details such income, deduction, and obligation amounts are managed during set up rather than in your day to day operations. With the flexibility of this module, you can have daily, weekly, biweekly, fortnightly or monthly pay periods for both salaried and hourly employees. At the end of each month, quarter and year, payroll reports can be printed from the date stored within the database. In house payroll preparation can be a tedious and time consuming task. In addition to maintaining employee information, you need to maintain detailed audit trails, track accruals such as vacation and sick time, and meet government reporting requirements. All this can be easily handled at a lower cost than using an outside payroll service bureau when you use the DizyPro HR & Payroll module.


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